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It is presumed that this belongs to a team of letter bombs sent out to various other organisations that handle the administration of motoring charges and offenses, such as Capita in central London, which was targeted a couple of days earlier.Miles Cooper, aged 27, a college caretaker, was detained on 19 February 2007, and also billed on 22 February.This notice will certainly establish a "VIC pen" on the automobile document on the DVLA data source.

Originally, vehicle registration was the duty of Borough as well as Region councils throughout Terrific Britain, a system produced by the Motor Automobile Act 1903.

If you looking for talking on the internet to others with video chat rooms you can visit here or if your looking for a good internet company you can contact sky here For all your dvla online computer related issues please use our sponsor at laptop repairers London Contact DVLA Vehicle Registration (who also handle vehicle V5C log book certification) by calling 03.

This phone number will put you through to a customer service advisor who will help you with your query.

There more than 45 million different number plate mixes offered to purchase online, yet you have to guarantee that they adhere to the DVLA guidelines.

The existing format for number plates is composed of two letters which connect to the workplace where home plate was issued, two numbers to indicate when it was issued as well as then 3 letters which are chosen randomly.


You can also write to the DVLA vehicle tax & SORN department with your enquiries by using their postal address below, however this is likely to take significantly longer than calling their telephone helpline.

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