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Posted by / 08-Nov-2017 22:41

Anyway, I just don't think I can date a vegetarian.

Many of the omnivore partners she interviewed later began cutting meat (or “the cruelty” as she refers to it) out of their diet.

YOUNG SINGLE GUY: You're saying I'm going to regret my YOLO tattoo? OLD MARRIED GUY: I dated a girl for 8 years who didn't eat red meat. OLD MARRIED GUY: I've always wondered if vegan girls can swallow.

She ate chicken and fish, and even that was a hassle. YOUNG SINGLE GUY: Yeah I think my parents would be able to adjust their go-to dishes.

They're great, but I honestly don't think we'd be married if she was a vegetarian, too. YOUNG SINGLE GUY: I mean fuck, thanks to Google I just found a vegetarian dating site, OLD MARRIED GUY: Your hypothetical vegetarian girlfriend must be smoking hot.

Otherwise, it's gonna get really annoying after a while.

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