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So after that I naturally shied away from women altogether for a little while, and made a conscious effort to stay away from anyone with a boyfriend for even longer.

Though as any teenage girl that finds herself on the bad end of rumors, even those well earned, can tell you, it takes a long time to undo the damage.

Probably my biggest conquest was banging the prom queen, during prom, while her quarterback boyfriend waited for her to come back from the bathroom completely unaware that she actually had her legs wrapped around my waist begging me to fuck her harder.

Right from the first time we met, when we were basically auditioning each other as song writing partners, we hit it off.Maybe that was why her boyfriend hated me, that she actually enjoyed spending time and had chemistry with some other guy. Having worked with other songwriters before, I’d figured out that the success or failure of such partnerships often hinged more on how well personalities meshed than it did the abilities of those involved.Sure it helped if there was something to be mined in there, but two people that didn’t get along and constantly bristled against each other had to work that much harder just to get anything done.“If you’re trying to wow Ryan, you’re doing a good job of it,” I said, making a show of leering at her. You can give me the key back tomorrow,” Dove said as she opened the door.“I won’t be long,” I said, waving without looking away from my work.

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Every so often we stopped to write it down before picking up where we left off.

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