Indean chat jasmin type

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Indean chat jasmin type

Okay so the cube of butter in the pav bhaji may have made my heart skip a beat, but delve in and you'll find a seriously tasty vegetable curry. Skip all of these and go straight for the paan if you're game. In India, it's commonly eaten as a snack, a mouth refreshener or digestive.

Potatoes, peas, carrots and onions are all swimming about in a lake of rich and thick tomato curry. Mukhwas breath freshener Paan comes in savoury or sweet versions.

Not only does this make for easier eating, but there's a satisfying contrast between the crunch of onion and a pillowy bun slathered with melted butter.

Two giant puffed up pillows of deep fried bread (bhatura) are the perfect bedfellows for chhole spicy chickpea curry.Dahi vada The amount of work involved in a dahi vada isn't apparent at first.These lentil doughnut balls are deep-fried then soaked in water, squeezed gently and then soaked in yoghurt until they swell into fat dumplings.The dining room inside can be a little noisy so we grab a table outside. Onion pakora pav The comprehensive menu can be a little intimidating at first, but staff are friendly and with the majority of dishes under , an ordering misstep is no real biggie.Sure the car park is practically on your lap, but as Mr Bollywood points out, the noise and chaos only adds to the atmosphere. Order and pay at the register inside and your food is likely to arrive before you've even made it back to the table. On the streets of Mumbai, they serve these deep-fried onion fritters in soft bread rolls.

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