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Jeg det ikke dating hun

However, the individual bailiff were not removed from office until their natural retirement, leaving some bailiwick in place until 1919.

The reform eliminated the difference between the rural and city police forces; yet the sheriffs were only subordinate to the chief of police in police matters—in civil matters and administration they remained under the county governors.

This was confusing for the public, resulting in the police services reorganizing to a homogenous organization during the 1980s, whereby the civil tasks being organized as part of the police stations.

The National Police Directorate, located in Downtown Oslo, is the central administration for the Norwegian Police Service.

In 1894 the authorities decided to abolish the position of bailiff and it was decided that some of its tasks would be transferred to the sheriffs.

This resulted in 26 new chief of police positions, largely corresponding to the old bailiwicks.

The bailiffs as such became part of the police structure, with their superiors, the county governor, receiving a similar role as that of chief of police.Police districts were introduced in 1894, with the current structure dating from 2003.Each police district is led by a chief of police and is subdivided into several police stations in towns and cities, and sheriffs' offices for rural areas.However, the organization in the various police districts varied considerably, especially in the cities.In particular, some cities had their civilian responsibilities taken care of by the municipality.

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The first titled chief of police was hired in Trondheim in 1686, thus creating the first police district, although his jurisdiction only covered the city proper.