Updating a sql recordset using php

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Updating a sql recordset using php

Web Assist's My SQLi Update Record interface has enhancements as well.There are 7 choices of settings in the General tab.But with simple hand coding, we can look up a record based on more than one value by duplicating the "bind Param" record server behavior.

From the individual insert, update, and delete interfaces, you will also learn how to choose a trigger, such as a form post, and specify how to manipulate records in your database.

Because of this, there is no way for PDO to know the row Count of a SELECT result because the SQLite API itself doesn't offer this ability.

As a workaround, I created my own row Count() function - it's a bit of a hack and hasn't been fully tested yet (I don't know how it will work when using JOINs in SELECTs, etc...), but at least alleviates the necessity for SELECT COUNT(*)'s everywhere in your code.

When updating a Mysql table with identical values nothing's really affected so row Count will return 0. Perl below noted this is not always preferred behaviour and you can change it yourself since PHP 5.3.

Just create your PDO object with fetch All()), which seems like a ridiculous waste of overhead and programming time. ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE statement is not an INSERT statement, row Count won't return the number or rows inserted or updated for such a statement.

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The actual code should be posted in the above/below post (max post limits, argh! If others wish to extend/perfect this method, please keep me posted with an email as to what you've done.