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So it appears that “someone” is impeding the implementation of the ILOAT decisions.Also https:// This latest comment suggests that the whole affair can be excused using “confidentiality” (not true), but it correctly states that Team Battistelli already colluded with Dutch and German media to defame the judge and violate “confidentiality” principles in the process.You can’t beat someone who does this day in, day out and has the resources of an organisation.Whistleblowers or civilians fighting against corruption never come off well.

In particular, it underlined its expectation that now – …- legal peace would be restored” The judge might see that differently.” Obviously. No respect of law anymore…there is nothing left of all that.” Indeed.

They () still obey and the EPO then sends them traffic, along with others. Earlier today Gregory Bacon sought more “good news” regarding UPC, but what the post (and accompanying tweet) fail to say is that the Belgian parliament was already in it anyway. It probably won’t be long before Bristows embeds itself in some blogs with actual readers (like Kluwer Patent Blog or Suffice to say, the investigative media (what’s left of it) won’t touch the subject as it’s rather complicated to grasp. However, it would seem that the situation may not be that simple.

People (readers) will fail to understand that this article was ‘produced’ by a media partners (i.e. This is because only if there are pending disciplinary proceedings is there any obligation of “confidentiality” that would prevent Carl Josefsson from discussing the AC’s decision.

The end result of that meeting was formally acknowledged in minutes released this week: Corcoran was reinstated but his position on the Boards of Appeal was not renewed.

[...] Perhaps the most damning response to the EPO’s dysfunction and its seeming complete lack of accountability however came in a speech by former German constitutional court judge Prof Dr Siegfried Bross several weeks ago.

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Does this suggest that the AC may have decided the case in an illogical (and perhaps illegal) manner?

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